The Linguava office is located in Portland, Oregon, the heart of America’s Pacific rim. The company was founded by language-industry veteran David Brackett. Our corporate team brings expertise to all aspects of the business, including on-site interpreting in a variety of settings, scheduling, customer relations and interpreter training. Linguava is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of qualified and trained interpreters. We create an energizing, refreshing and warm environment for interpreters and clients alike. We think you will see, the Linguava difference is our people.

  ALMA GOMEZ    interpreter relations hiring supervisor
  AMMEL TRINIDAD    assistant call center manager
  BAONGOC THAI    accounts receivable manager
  BETH GOLLIHER    accounting manager
  DAVID BRACKETT    president
  DIEGO MANCILLA    translations and design manager
  IMELDA MEJIA    customer service / language specialist
  JACQUELINE LEE    operations manager
  VIOLETTE SPECTOR    call center manager



To maintain consistency, Linguava regularly meets with our language specialists to evaluate their accuracy and to listen to their suggestions on how we can improve our service. We have developed a series of tests to hone the skills of interpreter staff, including both oral and written evaluations. Additionally, all interpreters must adhere to our code of ethics. We take pride in properly equipping our interpreters and frequently enhancing their language skills through workshops in their target languages.

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Linguava Interpreters for the past two years. It is always a pleasure to interact with the staff. They are exceptionally warm, accommodating, and dedicated to providing excellent customer care and interpreting services. I have never before worked with an agency so committed to their clients; they go above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure that our needs are met.”

Ellie W. - Call Center Assistant Manager