Linguava Interpreters provides on-site and telephonic interpretation for healthcare institutions, social service organizations, law firms, schools and commercial firms. We are a company that is culturally diverse, relationship-focused, and dedicated to constantly improving our service and morale within our team. We value all of our team members and have created an energized environment where they are treated with respect, support and care. When you become a member of Linguava, you receive our commitment to learn about you as a person, support you in your dreams and assist you to continue enhancing your interpreter abilities.


At Linguava we are building a multi-cultural community of friends. Each member has the opportunity to share their ideas and enjoy a comfortable and rewarding work environment. Joining the Linguava team allows us the opportunity to get to know you and learn about what inspires you. As language specialists we all share a passion to help out assure accurate and quality communication for all individuals regardless of their native language. It is essential that we as a company can provide you with the best tools and opportunity to excel as a language specialist. We create a welcoming environment for our staff that includes social events to interact with fellow interpreters and discussions of methods on ways to continually improve our common profession.

Please contact Linguava with any questions or inquiries at 503-265-8515 or 800-716-1777 or via email at



Linguava takes pride in being a positive contributing member of our local community. Lending a hand to under-served communities is an essential part of our corporate culture. We believe in giving back to society by volunteering with organizations that serve homeless services, support immigrants and supply food shelters. It is important to us that all humanity and ethnic groups are having their basic needs met. Linguava can make a difference.