ON-SITE INTERPRETATION - Our professionally trained interpreters can be present at any appointment, meeting or encounter to facilitate clear communication and bridge the language barrier between client and the limited-English speaker. Linguava excels in making sure that we provide our clients with the absolute best on-site interpretation. We believe that accurate communication is vital for any appointment or meeting. Understanding your objectives and goals are our first priority in providing you with most effective language specialist. Our Language specialists are trained in a variety of fields:

MEDICAL - Our language specialists understand the critical needs of providing efficient and accurate interpretation to all disabled, sensory impaired and limited English proficiency patients to ensure that they receive essential information and clear comprehension in their preferred language. All of our medical interpreters are HIPAA certified to ensure complete confidentiality. We can provide you with medically qualified and certified interpreters in over 150 languages for type of medical visit or consultation.

LEGAL - The use of our experienced certified interpreters in legal proceedings that involve limited-English speakers insures effective communication and understanding. Linguava is committed to making certain that justice is carried out fairly for prosecutors, lawyers, judges, juries, defendants and all judicial stakeholders.

CORPORATE - Reaching out to your clients in their native tongue is an effective way to assure your business objectives are met while enhancing your professional relationships. Our corporate language specialists are available to assist with the professional needs of your company, business clients, conference participants and international business partners. Your success becomes our mission.

EDUCATION - In an academic environment, our trained language specialists can support learning and understanding for all limited English proficient students, parents and educators. Having a Linguava interpreter present at schools or colleges ensures that teaching, learning and administration is not hindered by language barriers.

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“Linguava interpreters are medically trained and follow strict confidentiality guidelines. Some of our clients request specific interpreters because they feel very comfortable with them. We have not received any complaints or negative reports from our clients or our medical partners.”

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