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Press Release: Stephanie Gabriel as Director of Client Experience

When I started working as a consultant with Linguava in October 2020, I could tell it was a unique company. I was struck by the care that each employee had for their clients and for the people they were helping with the mission of providing language access, health and information access and equity. I knew immediately I wanted to work with Linguava to get the many stories and experiences out to help further this mission.

One of the core values of the company is to create above and beyond experiences for their clients. In January, I met with David Brackett, the founder of the company and we put together a plan to create a department specifically focused on supporting these above and beyond experiences for our clients and bringing these stories out to help elevate the mission. Linguava Client Experiences Department was launched in February of 2021.

While the department is developing, we are working on some exciting plans to support our clients with new offerings for healthcare and non-healthcare clients, including an in-house ASL department, a conference simultaneous interpretation offering to support Zoom meetings and conferences with a turnkey service, and educating our clients on how to work with interpreters and on providing language access across their organization for written, spoken and signed communications. We will be sending out surveys to all clients in the next few weeks about their experiences so far and would love to get your feedback and opinions about better serving your needs or the needs of your community.

Finally, I leave you with a client story that came up that really shows why we do what we do. Linguava has a client in the food manufacturing industry needing training in 10 languages. Prior to translating and overdubbing the trainings, they wanted to survey their limited English proficient staff and asked us to translate a survey for the employees in their languages. In addition, they worked with us to provide an interpreter for questions from the staff. For the first 15 minutes, prior to filling out the survey, the Linguava interpreter worked with the client and the employees to understand the procedure. After a few questions about the concept of surveying in general, a Nepalese employee expressed her gratitude: “I have never been asked my opinion”. This is such a lovely reminder of our own humanity and why we all do what we do.

Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions in our survey and if you have suggestions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us any time. Our door is always open for you!

If you are interested in learning more about how Linguava can help your organization with spoken language or ASL services, you can connect with us at

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