QA Specialist

Department: Quality assurance department

Position Purpose
The purpose of this position is to work as part of the Quality Assurance team to verify the quality of the linguist services provided and compliance with internal policies and state/federal regulations within all departments of Linguava. Responsible for promptly addressing and providing coaching for a variety of quality assurance issues to both internal and external customers. Create, update, and analyze related reports and records for process improvement.

Skills and Attributes
The Quality Assurance Specialist must possess the following skills and attributes: Excellent organizational skills, strong oral and written communication skills, detail-oriented and accurate, excellent customer service skills, ability to stay organized and prioritize multiple tasks without compromising quality of service.

Essential Functions
The Quality Assurance Specialist performs the following essential functions:

  1. Oversee daily quality assurance issues and prioritize daily tasks to
    immediately address urgent issues.
  2. Provide coaching to interpreters using the National Standards of
    Practice for healthcare interpreters, industry guidelines, and Linguava policies.
  3. Maintain the records of any quality concerns and resolution from
    different data sources and take responsibility for the storage and
    circulation of this data.
  4. Provide a clear and detailed summary for internal record-keeping
    and/or follow up by other departments.
  5. Maintain a neutral perspective in quality assurance analysis,
    maintaining the company’s best interest as priority.
  6. Ability to follow up and provide resolution for quality concerns with
    clients, as needed.
  7. Generate and analyze monthly and quarterly reports to track current
    trends and quality issues as well as specific interpreters with frequent issues.
  8. Provide recommendations for long-term solutions to frequent quality
  9. Review Linguava’s Quality Assurance Procedures manual for accuracy
    and update guide as new protocols are implemented.
  10. Other duties as needed

Performance Measurements

  1. QA Specialist’s functions are efficiently, effectively, and accurately
    performed in accordance with established policies and standards.
  2. Employee’s personal goals are being met and employee is contributing
    to department meeting departmental goals.
  3. Required reports and records are accurate, complete, and timely.


Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

Required Knowledge:
Comprehensive understanding of the interpreting profession and National Standards of Practice for Healthcare Interpreters.

Required Experience:
Minimum two years administrative /customer service experience. 2-5 years quality assurance experience. 1-3 years experience with HIPAA regulations, CMS, and any federal regulation that protects healthcare information preferred. Minimum two years working for a language service provider

Time management skills. Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint). Tech savvy with the ability to utilize various computer programs. Ability to work independently as well as on a team.

Required Work Hours:
Salary position with regular 8 am – 5 pm hours, plus other hours as may be
necessary to complete job duties.

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to speak, hear, see, read, write, type, dial, reach, and bend.

Required Documents

  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Professional References

 Please submit the documentation mentioned above to