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We serve hospitals with responsive language services to improve patient experience and health outcomes

Our Story

In 2008, future Linguava CEO David Brackett began his career as a Spanish medical interpreter. He loved working with language and having the ability to serve others. The concept of being part of a medical care team resonated with him. But within a short time, he began to notice big problems with the industry he had entered. Most interpreters he met were being treated with casual disregard by their language service providers and were suffering through their work. Checks from his agency would frequently bounce. Communication between agency, interpreter, and medical provider was deficient. Provider training was inadequate. The network he expected to see, between language service provider, interpreters, the medical community and their patients, was broken. Ultimately, the patients were the ones who suffered the most from this broken system. So he began to envision a better way forward. The result of his ideas led to the founding of Linguava in 2010.

The Linguava language service provider model features consistent language access training for medical providers. Linguists are valued, receive proper onboarding, access to training, and become team members connecting through an essential community. Ultimately, limited-English-proficient and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patients would experience equal access that led to better health outcomes and health equity.

Our Vision

Be the company that linguists take pride in, employees want to work for and doctors seek out for language services.

Our Core Values

People First

We are focused in everything we do. A team unified as “one” that seeks the best outcome for our whole community.

Innovative Spirit

Our work environment encourages outside-of-the box thinking and rewards creative innovations for achieving our goals.

Above & Beyond Customer Service

We believe in creating exceptional experiences and outcomes for all clients, linguists and staff.

Honest Conversations

We engage in a culture of authentic voices. We are open and clear in sharing objectives, perspectives and ideas with each other.

A Servant’s Heart

In always serving the greater good, we give back to the community and the world we share together.

Raising the Standard
of Excellence

We are accountable to produce our best work, surpass expectations and get better every day.

Our Professional Associations

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Discover The Linguava Difference

Linguava strongly lives its mission and vision every day to provide health equity through language access.  Our core values, diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in our culture. We strive to extend that belief to our staff, linguists, and patients when serving by taking thoughtful actions for the community’s needs.

We Specialize In Serving The Healthcare Industry

We are passionate about achieving health equity, and improving patient experience and health outcomes. Our staff is HIPAA certified, trained in medical compliance and CMS standards to ensure the highest quality of service is delivered.

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