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Everyday we are inspired to help people feel empowered, connected and understood

It’s no mistake that Linguava has a family-oriented atmosphere. Our linguists know that they are considered part of the team and their contributions are highly valued. Community isn’t a corporate slogan at Linguava. We love the people that we work with. We share life together. We gather socially and share stories and celebrations. You can imagine how interesting it is – bright, inspired people from all over the globe coming together to work together and learn from each other. This is simply how we do things at Linguava. Our linguists are at the very center of our business. We aim to build those relationships, both personally and professionally. 

We believe in community.

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End-to-end interpretation and translations- in any language

Our mission is to serve hospitals with responsive language services to improve patient experience and health outcomes. Our linguists do what they do because they care about the patients and communities they serve. They are committed to living out our mission and vision. All of our linguists are strongly connected to and supported by Linguava. They are also dedicated to excellence in their field of expertise. Their belief in our unique approach to language service is clearly recognized by the clients we serve together.


We create accurate translated content that personalizes your message with extra skill and attention. With over 1,000 certified and qualified language experts in a broad range of industries, we help you write, edit, and publish the highly specialized content your customers require.


Linguava removes barriers and builds bridges of understanding, connecting your information to your customers and patients in their language, from their point of view, on their time. Having one of our trained interpreters correlate a conversation ensures that teaching, learning and administration are not hindered by communication restrictions.


We strive to hold interpreters to the highest standard for accuracy and interpreting skills. We also encourage interpreters to pursue personal professional development according to the National Standards of Practice for Healthcare Interpreters.


Linguava provides language services through the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS). We participate with the federal program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). We also partner with social service and philanthropic agencies like Goodwill, United Way, drug rehabilitation organizations, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Community Services, refugee relief programs, and Multnomah County social services.

We believe in raising the standards of excellence

Our area of expertise is medical – more than 90% of our clients are medical service providers

  • Linguava can bill OHP Medicaid/Medicare directly
  • 230+ languages and dialects for interpretation
  • On average, it takes less than 20 seconds to answer during over-the-phone interpretation
  • Dedicated interpreter compliance department that helps our clients pass joint commission audits and remain compliant with Title VI and Section 1557 of the ACA
  • Our dedicated client-relations team is available 24/7/365
  • We have a dedicated ASL department for scheduling, interpreter onboarding and client relations that is led by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) certified ASL interpreters
  • We are the only RID-approved testing site in Oregon
  • All Linguava translators must be certified through the ATA (American Translators Association) or have at least 5 years of professional experience as a linguist and hold a degree in Linguistics/ Translation Studies
  • We have full-time W-2 qualified/ certified interpreters in Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, ASL, Chuukese, and more
  • We have a dedicated in-house quality assurance team
  • We offer a dedicated account manager to all of our clients including customized provider training
  • We implement a rigorous 9-step linguist onboarding process that ensures that our interpreters will be successful in their work

Founded to connect by a certified medical interpreter.

David served as a board member of Oregon Healthcare Interpreters Association (OHCIA) for 3 years, gaining experience and insight – and he later became the President of OHCIA for 3 more years. During that time, he helped expand the interpreter training program to provide 60 hours of training to more than 300 interpreters per year. He directed three of their annual interpreter conferences which had 300 to 400 attendees. He oversaw OHCIA’s social media and marketing campaigns and helped the association create positive financial growth each year.

Start the conversation. Our Founder welcomes dialogue and would love to hear from you.

Call David Brackett directly at 503.789.2044, or email him directly at



Interpretation Makes The Difference. 



Interpretation Makes The Difference. 



Interpretation Makes The Difference. 



Interpretation Makes The Difference. 



Interpretation Makes The Difference. 



Interpretation Makes The Difference. 

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