Scheduled Video Interpretation

Use your existing video platform to attend appointments while social distancing.

Scheduled Video Interpretation allows you to connect with one of your interpreters remotely on the platform that works best for you. The experience of scheduling is treated exactly like a regular onsite scheduled appointment but is in line with shelter in place policies.


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Benefits OF Scheduled video interpretation

  • Ability to use the platform of your choice (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Intouch,, LifeSize, Google Hangouts)
  • Maintain shelter in place
  • Linguava bills your insurance directly so you don’t see another bill
  • More than 99% coverage rate for all languages requested
  • We provide ASL and all spoken languages



Working with Linguava has been a very positive experience and a good partnership. Their interpreters are professional, outgoing, friendly and very kind to our patients and staff at The Portland Clinic. They are always on time and prompt to give advance notice if a new interpreter needs to be found. The staff is quick to assist and trouble-shoot if a problem arises. Their online portal is convenient and easy to use, allowing us to select particular interpreters for certain patients. Their call center agents are very knowledgeable and always go the extra mile to make sure a call will be successful!
Mallori Berry - The Portland Clinic

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