24 Hour On-Demand Access

Scheduled Video Interpretation

Connect with an interpreter remotely on the platform that works best for you. The experience of scheduling is treated exactly like a regular onsite scheduled appointment and can be available at anytime for any type of virtual assignment.

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Connect To An Interpreter Remotely

Benefits of Scheduled Video Interpretation


24 Hour Access & On-Demand Availability

Our scheduled video interpreters can be available for you 24/7/365. Preschedule your preferred interpreter in any language and any time zone.

Insurance Coverage

Linguava bills your insurance directly so you don’t see another bill.

Language Coverage

More than 99% coverage rate for all languages requested as well as ASL interpretations.

Better Customer Relationships

Allow better visibility and transparency between you and your client or patient.
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How to Schedule Video Interpretation

Schedule Your Interpreter

Call us or schedule online to request an interpreter over any existing video platform.  Your interpreter will join your pre-scheduled and help ensure meaningful language access is provided.

Choose Your Language

Let our call center know the details about the language request, platform, and contact information to reserve your scheduled video interpretation.

Communicate in Real-time

Communicate with your client or patient in their language with no interruptions. Your connected interpreter will bridge the communication between you and your customer in real-time, anytime.

FAQ – Scheduled Video Interpretations

How does video interpretation work?

Our process is easy – Create an account with us (if you have not already). schedule via our web scheduling portal to place your interpreter request in any language you need. Our interpreter will join you and your patient at the requested date/ time of the appointment.

When to access a scheduled video interpreter?

We can provide a video interpreter for virtually any type of situation or assignment you may have. Whenever you are seeing your patient or client via zoom or any platform, we recommend utilizing SVI.

Who are your video interpreters?

Our team is made up of industry professionals with a minimum of two years’ experience in video interpretation experience. They each have specific HIPAA-certified qualifications and certifications that meet the standards for each industry we serve.

Working with Linguava for all our translations has been the best decision. As an organization with a mission of raising awareness of the multicultural fabric of Atlanta, their knowledgeable team has made each project a seamless process. They are always reliable and deliver on time.

Lily PabianExecutive Director At WeLoveBuHi

We at Extreme Response International had the pleasure of working with Linguava for our humanitarian work in Ecuador. The Linguava team was great to work with and provided an excellent translation from English to Spanish that now is our primary communications tool for our Spanish-speaking friends. I highly recommend choosing Linguava for any project you have involving translation.

Tim FauschExtreme Response International

Thank you to you, and the translation team for all of your hard work and clear communication. It has been wonderful working with you! We are pleased with the end product and hope that it serves our community well.

LauraMt. Hood Community College

Linguava has been very cooperative, willing and flexible in meeting our complex invoicing needs. The owner and staff take great pride in being professional and supportive of our work. Linguava plays an important role in serving our community with their extensive array of languages.

ShannonPAN (Project Access NOW)

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