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Client Training & Implementation

Linguava's Client Training and Implementation works across client and operational teams to ensure that your service experience is above and beyond your expectations at every step of your client journey with Linguava. Our training programs are designed to help you succeed in providing language access to your patients and customers. We know how important it is to be able to communicate effectively with those you serve, and we're here to help you make that happen.

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Advantages of Working with Linguava

Develop a Language Access Plan

Linguava can help you create your custom fit plan today, including a documented process detailing how your organization can provide meaningful language access at each step of the patient journey.

Provide Consistent Training

Linguava can coach your team on the importance of providing language access – whether written, spoken, or American Sign Language (ASL)- and how to best implement your language access plan. We offer our clients virtual or in person training sessions upon request.

Measurable Results & Reporting

After your training, our team works with your departments to measure client satisfaction, consult on unique challenges, areas for improvement, and increase engagement through providing valuable content and access to events.

Language Access Plan

Do you have a documented process detailing how your organization provides meaningful language access at each step of the patient journey?

Linguava can help you create your custom fit plan today.

Proven Expertise

Linguava was founded in 2010, with both the management and staff having extensive prior experience working within the foreign language translation and interpreting industry.

With the expertise and capacity to manage a broad range of international or domestic projects, our translation experience includes:

  • Medical and Healthcare Information
  • Corporate Communications
  • Government Documentation
  • Training Materials
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Human Resources
  • Transcripts
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Legal Documents
  • Product Manuals
  • Business Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Education Materials
  • Software and Screenshots
  • Immigration Files

Over 230+ Languages and Adding New Languages Everyday

As multicultural language specialists, Linguava’s daily mission is to connect as many people as possible by removing language barriers and respecting values in our communities and throughout the global marketplace.

Cultural awareness and understanding are important components for Linguava, as we work with a wide variety of cultures on a daily basis, providing quality translations in more than 150 languages and dialects.

Quality Assurance (QA) is a core pillar at Linguava.

Quality Assurance is built-in to every translation as a part of our project process. A major translation step requires verification prior to moving on to the next step. Linguava translators are tested based upon their target industry and must pass our proprietary onboarding exam.  

Our quality assurance process is completed via a 3-step process, which includes:

Step 1

Translations are completed by a native speaker of the target language with proven expertise in the subject area.

Step 2

Editing is done by a second linguist (also a native speaker of the target language) and checks the translation for syntax, flow, and terminology usage.

Step 3

A final review is completed by a QA specialist to ensure that the translation is complete and matches the original style guide, formality use, and date/time specifications.

Our translators are industry certified on their education and experience.

In-Country & US-Based Linguists:

Our team is made up of more than 800 translators and editors. We require translators and editors to be native speakers of your selected target language for your document translation projects. Many translators and editors are based in their native countries.

Linguava Testing & Certification:
  • Native Speaker
  • Minimum of 5 years full-time translation experience and a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Demonstrated expertise in subject area specialization
  • 95%+ score on Linguava’s Proprietary Exam
  • ATA Certified (preferred)

A Translation's Journey

For standard project translations, below is the basic workflow that is used within the Linguava project management system.

Our expert project coordinators manage the step-by-step process, from file analysis and quote creation, to the on-time delivery of the completed translation project. Importantly, at Linguava each client is assigned a specific project coordinator, facilitating enhanced client communications and “Above and Beyond” quality customer service.

document translation workflow diagram

All language preferences are kept in our Translations Memories (TM)

Managing your Translation Memories (TM):

Manage your Translation Memory (TM) to keep language preferences consistent. Translation Memory (TM) is a database that stores previously translated text. All translations are stored within the Translation Memory (TM) in source and target language pairs (called translation units) for reuse.

Our translation specialists use the latest Translation Memory (TM)  technology to leverage previously translated content in order to drive down costs, dramatically reduce the time needed to publish multilingual content, and improve quality by ensuring consistency across all translated materials. Linguava provides Translation Memory (TM) discounts based on the type of word segments that are found in each document.

Why is a properly managed translation memory important?

Guarantees that no text is missed or left untranslated.

Speeds up the translation and review process.

Maintains consistency within and across a set of documents, project to project, department to department.

Please contact us at or call 503.265.8515 to learn more about Translation Memory (TM), terms, and discounts.

Centralize your translation activites

A single project can possibly have large email chains. Our web portal addresses this by providing you and your organization with a single gateway to submitting, updating and downloading projects. Features include:

Linguava Platform

Login, create a request, upload your files and receive a quote.

Project Status

Quickly view which step of the process your project is in.

Multi-user Access

Request access for your organization’s supervisors, accounting or requestors.

Project Feedback

Your voice matters to us! Quickly provide feedback and rate your satisfaction with the project.

Secure Access

Encrypted connection to our web portal via our HIPAA -compliant gateway.

Already a linguava customer? Login to the web portal

Linguava is paving the way for the translation and interpretation industry.

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Working with Linguava for all our translations has been the best decision. As an organization with a mission of raising awareness of the multicultural fabric of Atlanta, their knowledgeable team has made each project a seamless process. They are always reliable and deliver on time.

Lily PabianExecutive Director At WeLoveBuHi

We at Extreme Response International had the pleasure of working with Linguava for our humanitarian work in Ecuador. The Linguava team was great to work with and provided an excellent translation from English to Spanish that now is our primary communications tool for our Spanish-speaking friends. I highly recommend choosing Linguava for any project you have involving translation.

Tim FauschExtreme Response International

Thank you to you, and the translation team for all of your hard work and clear communication. It has been wonderful working with you! We are pleased with the end product and hope that it serves our community well.

LauraMt. Hood Community College

Linguava has been very cooperative, willing and flexible in meeting our complex invoicing needs. The owner and staff take great pride in being professional and supportive of our work. Linguava plays an important role in serving our community with their extensive array of languages.

ShannonPAN (Project Access NOW)

Let's Talk About Your Customer Experience

If you’d like to explore what supports we can provide or if you’d like more ideas on how to enhance your experience, please contact your Linguava account manager.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to or call our main number 503-265-8515.

Health Equity Through Language Access

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