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Trust Us With Your ASL Interpreting Needs

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting

We are the only multi-language service provider in Oregon with a dedicated American Sign Language (ASL) department staffed with knowledgeable and experienced ASL career professionals. We select the region’s most highly sought after interpreters and match their skills and experience to each assignment to ensure language communication access which benefits everyone.

Why Choose the ASL Team at Linguava?


We’re local! We know the unique needs and resources of our NW community.


Our interpreters meet the most stringent compliance requirements.


All interpreters receive background checks.


All interpreters are HIPAA certified.


Nationally Certified Deaf and Hearing interpreters.


Specialty interpreting skills, certifications and qualifications.


Commitment to ongoing interpreter training.


We actively support the Deaf community.


Above & beyond customer service approach.

How to request an ASL interpreter

Requesting an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter through Linguava is easy. You can request ASL interpreters by phone, through email or by using our online web portal.

Check out this video to learn more about requesting an interpreter through Linguava!

Choose Your Preferred Solution for ASL Interpreting

Onsite Interpretation

A trained Linguava interpreter will arrive on-time, in-person at your requested location and time to facilitate communication between you and your client.

Scheduled Video Interpretation (SVI)

Communicate remotely using your preferred video conferencing platform to connect with your patient and our interpreter.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Your connected interpreter will bridge the communication between you and your client in real-time, anytime.


Linguava provides CART services! CART stands for Communication Access Real-Time Translation. You may have seen this type of real-time captioning at a conference or in a classroom.

If you are interested in providing captions or transcripts for events, CART may be right for you.

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Health Equity Through Language Access

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