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Linguava Interpreter Academy

Take the first step to becoming a Qualified or Certified Medical Interpreter in Oregon with our online interpreter training.

Oregon Health Care Interpreter Training

Welcome to the Linguava Interpreter Academy! At Linguava we want to help you develop your skills and confidence to provide accurate and professional interpretation in a clinical setting.

Our OHA approved program is led by interpreters with over 40 years of cumulative interpreting and training experience.

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Meet Your Instructor

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Valeria McNulty

LIA Trainer

Valeria McNulty has worked as a Nationally Certified and State Qualified interpreter for almost 20 years in medical, legal and educational settings. She has provided training to interpreters since 2009 and has recently become a licensed trainer to deliver The Community Interpreter 60-hour training.

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What You Will Learn From This Course

Our curriculum focuses on concepts and terminology in the medical field so that upon graduation, you will feel confident in entering any health care setting to interpret accurately for patients and medical professionals.

The Linguava Interpreter Academy is a 60 hour course that has been designed by interpreting professionals with extensive medical experience.

Linguava Interpreter Academy’s 60 hour interpreting training program is approved by the Oregon Health Authority. This interactive program is designed to provide students with knowledge of medical terminology, interpreting modes, human anatomy and physiology, the Code of Ethics for medical interpreters, and role play opportunities.  This is a language neutral program taught in English and is designed for new as well as experienced interpreters. 100% attendance is required to complete this training program.

Accessibility: Students with a disability must contact the instructor one week in advance of the class start date so reasonable accommodations can be made.

Course Details

Number of training hours: 60 hours
2023 Training dates and times:
December 4th – 13th (Orientation on Nov 30th)
January 8th – 17th (Orientation Jan 4th)
February 12th – 21st (Orientation Feb 9th)
M-F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Training location: Virtual
Total Cost Due With Application: $750
Includes the following:
-Training: $600
-Textbooks (e-books): $150
Required textbooks:
  • The Community Interpreter: An International Textbook
  • The Community Interpreter: An International Workbook of Activities and Role Plays
  • Medical Terminology for Interpreters
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Linguava Interpreter Academy Learning Objectives

Module 1: Introduction to Community Interpreting
  • Define community and medical interpreting
  • Analyze and compare interpreter credentials, including certificates and certification
  • Apply ethical principles for medical interpreters to common communication barriers
Module 2: Interpreting Protocols and Skills
  • Identify and describe the three stages of a typical community interpreting assignment
  • Discuss and practice four protocols for interpreting: positioning, professional introductions, direct
    speech (first person) and turn-taking management
  • Explore memory skills, chunking and imagery
  • Describe three modes of interpreting: consecutive, simultaneous and sight translation
  • Practice three effective techniques for note-taking
Module 3: Strategic Mediation
  • Show awareness of bias while interpreting
  • Apply four decision-making criteria to assess whether or not to mediate
  • Develop basic scripts for performing mediation in common situations in medical interpreting
  • Practice five steps to perform strategic mediation
  • Define cultural competence and cultural mediation
  • Develop techniques to perform culturally responsive mediation
Module 4: Professional Identity and the Community Interpreter
  • Understand the business practices and legal obligations of medical interpreters
  • Show how community interpreters can perform effective legal interpreting in community settings
  • Develop strategies to acquire specialized subject matter knowledge and terminology
  • Explore the challenges of remote interpreting
Module 5: The Role of the Community Interpreter
  • Discuss how the role of the community interpreter supports communicative autonomy
  • Apply a decision-making protocol for advocacy
  • Explore best practices that support national standards of practice
  • Identify critical standards of practice in common interpreting scenarios
  • Discuss self care and professional development for medical interpreters
Medical Terminology For Interpreters
  • Identify the meaning of common Greek and Latin roots and affixes found in medical terms
  • Analyze the language register of common medical terms and identify whether each term is
    higher, medium or lower register, taking context into account
  • Identify the basic functions of 10 human body systems
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of the functions, parts, common terms and diseases/ disorders
    relevant to each of 10 human body systems
  • Study and learn 44 terms for common medical tests and procedures
  • Practice interpreting 52 terms for medical signs and symptoms
  • List and discuss four best practices for managing and interpreting common medical abbreviations
  • Explore seven strategies and five resources for expanding the interpreter’s knowledge of medical

Interpreter Training Program Application

Please be ready to submit payment with your application

Step 1 of 2 - Your Experience

  • Personal Information

  • Languages and Experience

  • Describe your experience working as a linguist.

People First

We are focused in everything we do. A team unified as “one” that seeks the best outcome for our whole community.

Innovative Spirit

Our work environment encourages outside-of-the box thinking and rewards creative innovations for achieving our goals.

Above & Beyond Customer Service

We believe in creating exceptional experiences and outcomes for all clients, linguists and staff.

Honest Conversations

We engage in a culture of authentic voices. We are open and clear in sharing objectives, perspectives and ideas with each other.

A Servant’s Heart

In always serving the greater good, we give back to the community and the world we share together.

Raising the Standard of Excellence

We are accountable to produce our best work, surpass expectations and get better every day.

Working with Linguava for all our translations has been the best decision. As an organization with a mission of raising awareness of the multicultural fabric of Atlanta, their knowledgeable team has made each project a seamless process. They are always reliable and deliver on time.

Lily PabianExecutive Director at WeLoveBuHi

Linguava has provided tremendous customer service, going out of their way to make sure an interpretation order is correct and fulfilled. We have received really outstanding interpretation services, with interpreters going above and beyond to help our clients. It is so appreciated. Thank you!

Ashley Morton JoplingMA, CRC Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

It is such a pleasure to work with the staff at Linguava. They are kind, compassionate, and professional problem-solvers. When on-site interpreters are not available, it is always very easy to get connected to a telephonic interpreter. The quality assurance team is always an excellent resource for any minor issue that may come up. It is clear that they take great pride in providing an excellent service.

SashaPAN (Project Access NOW)

The folks at Linguava are always helpful and call in a timely manner when an interpreter is not available.

NoemiPAN (Project Access NOW)
August 10, 2023

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