Linguava is looking for individuals who are the best of the best. We cultivate and seek language specialists who are driven by a high-level of commitment to their craft and also to serving others. Our hiring process is stringent. We test and evaluate new interpreters thoroughly and train them specifically to make sure that Linguava’s high standards are met. Our linguists are good listeners. They love what they do. On our team, they’ll find that they are surrounded by others who operate in exactly the same way.

Linguava is also a community of friends where each member has the opportunity to share their ideas and enjoy a comfortable and rewarding work environment. We want to know you and learn about what inspires you. We share your passion for communication and service. We can provide you with the best tools and opportunities to excel as a language specialist. Our culture creates a welcoming environment for everyone that includes social events to interact with fellow interpreters and discussions of methods and ways to continually improve our common profession.

Does this sound like a place for you? If it does, you just might fit perfectly on our multi-cultural team.

Interpreter Application

Our on-site interpreters facilitate verbal communication between English speakers and LEP (Limited English Proficient) individuals by interpreting the message from one language to another, maintaining accuracy and clarity. Our interpreters work as independent contractors and can accept or decline work according to their availability. We provide free support and training whether you are just getting started or have been interpreting for years. Join our team of dedicated and professional linguists today!

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Our translators go the extra step to ensure each project is translated and localized with the highest level of accuracy. All of our translators, proofreaders and reviewers are freelancers and make their own schedule. As a translator, you will specialize in conveying written material from one language to another for community members. Our translators focus on literacy level, register and terminology. Our proofreaders and reviewers specialize in accuracy by reviewing syntax and grammar of translated content and providing feedback to fellow linguists. Join our team of dedicated and professional linguists today!

MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: SDL Trados 2015/2017 license, ATA Certification or min. 5+ years of PROFESSIONAL AGENCY experience/Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics/Translation.

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