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The use of our experienced certified interpreters in legal proceedings and conversations that involve limited-English speakers insures effective communication and understanding. Linguava is committed to making certain that justice is carried out fairly for prosecutors, lawyers, judges, juries, defendants and all judicial stakeholders. The depositions and testimonies that rely on critical accuracy and clarity are enhanced by our trained interpreters and translators.


At local public schools, regional colleges, larger universities, or online learning cohorts, multi-cultural connection is taking place in an increasingly diverse environment. Linguava removes barriers in these settings, and our trained language specialists support learning and understanding for all limited-English proficient students, parents and educators. Having one of our trained interpreters connected to the conversation at schools or colleges ensures that teaching, learning and administration is not hindered by language barriers.

Social Services

Linguava provides language services through the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS). We participate with the federal program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). We also partner with social service and philanthropic agencies like Goodwill, United Way, drug rehabilitation organizations, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Community Services, refugee relief programs, and Multnomah County social services.


Reaching out to your clients and vendors in their native tongue is the only way to ensure that your business objectives are met while enhancing your professional relationships. Our corporate language specialists are available to assist with the professional needs of your company, customers, conference participants and international business partners. Document translation or direct dialog is provided accurately and on time. Your success becomes our mission.

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Building bridges between people and cultures is what we do, and it can take place in every environment where human discourse happens. This can be within NGOs, travel, tourism and hospitality, government agencies, retail and customer services, public utilities, finance, banking and investment, real estate and mortgage, insurance, and more.


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