Our Vision:

Be the company that linguists take pride in, employees want to work for and doctors seek out for language services.

Beyond Expectations

In many ways, we invite people in – to our Cultural Luncheon Learns where people share their culture and their stories and their food. We all learn about each other and we enjoy a meal together. We live out Linguava’s culture as one of acceptance where all are welcome. To our Fireside Chat once per quarter where all staff are invited to join a virtual meeting and ask questions about the company or industry and address key concerns.

People experience Linguava’s above and beyond service and it simply feels different. It’s toward each other and toward our clients, with warmth, friendliness and a helpful energy. It’s a positive vibe and it is contagious.

Female nurse smiles and small child and her mother.

Our Aim

As a company, we gather quarterly to share “above and beyond” stories. We cultivate them, as these stories grow from the soil of a company culture that intends to be known for its extraordinary service. We honor our employees with a monthly Above and Beyond Award. As a company, our aim is to constantly raise the bar of achievement and service. That is core to who we are.

In actual practice, that looks like real interpreters that stay longer, go farther, respond faster and embody a focused heart that is centered on the needs of others. It looks like office staff that consistently takes extraordinary steps to meet a need or overcome a barrier. It is our people, inspired by the opportunity they have every day help other people be empowered, connected and understood. Simply put, this is our guarantee to our clients. No other language service firm will provide a better customer experience than you will receive from Linguava.

Rise above the basic translations

We always promise to continue raising the bar of service delivery and client satisfaction in all our translations and interpretations.





Professional & Accurate Communication

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People First

We are focused in everything we do. A team unified as “one” that seeks the best outcome for our whole community.

Innovative Spirit

Our work environment encourages outside-of-the box thinking and rewards creative innovations for achieving our goals.

Above & Beyond Customer Service

We believe in creating exceptional experiences and outcomes for all clients, linguists and staff.

Honest Conversations

We engage in a culture of authentic voices. We are open and clear in sharing objectives, perspectives and ideas with each other.

A Servant’s Heart

In always serving the greater good, we give back to the community and the world we share together.

Raising the Standard of Excellence

We are accountable to produce our best work, surpass expectations and get better every day.

Working with Linguava for all our translations has been the best decision. As an organization with a mission of raising awareness of the multicultural fabric of Atlanta, their knowledgeable team has made each project a seamless process. They are always reliable and deliver on time.

Lily PabianExecutive Director at WeLoveBuHi

Linguava has provided tremendous customer service, going out of their way to make sure an interpretation order is correct and fulfilled. We have received really outstanding interpretation services, with interpreters going above and beyond to help our clients. It is so appreciated. Thank you!

Ashley Morton JoplingMA, CRC Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

It is such a pleasure to work with the staff at Linguava. They are kind, compassionate, and professional problem-solvers. When on-site interpreters are not available, it is always very easy to get connected to a telephonic interpreter. The quality assurance team is always an excellent resource for any minor issue that may come up. It is clear that they take great pride in providing an excellent service.

SashaPAN (Project Access NOW)

The folks at Linguava are always helpful and call in a timely manner when an interpreter is not available.

NoemiPAN (Project Access NOW)
April 29, 2022

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