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photo of david brackett holding the linguava globe and text of announcing the linguava interpreter academy

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking initiative – the Linguava Interpreter Academy. This academy marks a significant step forward in our commitment to enhancing language access in health care. Our interpreter training program aims to equip interpreters with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as Qualified or Certified Medical Interpreters.

Empowering Interpreters for a Complex Healthcare Landscape

The program, which is approved by Oregon Health Authority, is led by Valeria McNulty. Valeria has worked as a Nationally Certified and State Certified Healthcare interpreter for almost 20 years in medical, legal and educational settings. She has provided training to interpreters since 2009 and has recently become a licensed trainer to deliver The Community Interpreter 60-hour training. Reflecting on the complexity of the US medical system, Valeria shares her insight.

“The medical system in the US is so complex that even the most educated person has trouble navigating and understanding it. As interpreters, we work in a lot of different healthcare settings; that is why it is not only important but also necessary for us to be familiar with it and be the best we can be in our professional field. The need for trained interpreters keeps growing every day, making this profession not only in high demand but also very lucrative. So whether you’re starting in life or wanting to make a career change later in life, come with us! Here at Linguava Interpreter Academy, we would love to be part of that journey with you,”

Valeria’s perspective echoes the growing demand for skilled interpreters in the healthcare sector, highlighting the profession’s potential for both fulfillment and financial success. Whether you’re stepping into the world of language interpretation for the first time or contemplating a career shift, the Linguava Interpreter Academy welcomes you to join our journey of excellence.

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Curriculum for Medical Interpreters

Our comprehensive curriculum provides students with a robust foundation in medical terminology, various interpretation modes, human anatomy and physiology, and the Code of Ethics for Medical Interpreters. Through role-play scenarios, students will hone their skills in real-world contexts. The course is language-neutral and taught in English, catering to both novice interpreters and seasoned professionals.

A Pledge to Transform Healthcare Language Access

Linguava CEO, David Brackett, shares his enthusiasm:

“This groundbreaking initiative is a testament to our commitment to providing the best quality interpreting services in the language access industry.
Our goal is to empower patients and give them a seat at the table to fully participate in their own healthcare. By equipping interpreters with specialized skills in medical interpretation, elevating the standards of their expertise, and advancing them toward becoming Qualified or Certified Medical interpreters, we can achieve this goal together.”

Interpreter Training Modules Tailored for Excellence

The course modules at Linguava Interpreter Academy encompass a range of vital topics. These topics include Community Interpreting, Protocols and Skills, Strategic Mediation, Professional Identity, and the Role of the Community Interpreter. A dedicated module on Medical Terminology for Interpreters covers essential Greek and Latin roots, language registers of common medical terms, key functions of the human body’s 10 systems, and more.

About Linguava Interpreters

Founded in 2010, Linguava Interpreters has been a driving force in the language services industry, offering video and telephonic interpretation, along with document translation, available around the clock. Our team comprises a diverse array of professionals committed to delivering comprehensive, responsive, and top-quality language access for patients, providers, families, and coordinated care organizations. We also provide client training and ongoing support, solidifying our commitment to raising the bar for language access standards.

For more information about the program and to secure your spot in our upcoming classes, please visit Linguava Interpreter Academy here. Join us on our journey to transform healthcare language access and empower individuals worldwide.

At Linguava, we are here to support you as your partner in language access. We are both ISO 9001 and 17100 certified, ensuring quality . As a leading provider of language services for the healthcare industry, we offer a wide range of services to help medical practices incorporate language access successfully. These include Translation and Localization , Scheduled Video Interpretation, Video Remote Interpretation, Over the Phone Interpretation, and American Sign Language Interpretation. 

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