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Our Linguists Care

Our linguists do what they do because they care about the communities they serve. They are committed to Linguava’s Why Statement – “Everyday we are inspired to help people feel empowered, connected and understood”. All of our linguists are strongly connected to and supported by Linguava. They are also dedicated to excellence in their field of expertise. Their belief in our unique approach to language service is clearly recognized by the clients we serve together.

Founded to Connect by a certified medical interpreter

The fact is, Linguava was founded by a certified Spanish interpreter who was working in the language industry and saw the deep disconnect between language-service firms, the hospitals and the linguists who they partnered with. He decided to change that paradigm by starting a language company that placed a high value on high standards, customer service and raising the bar for the industry.  Ultimately, that creates a level of trust and relationship that shows up in performance excellence, commitment and job satisfaction. Our clients experience that difference when they work with our linguists.

Our President would love to hear from you

Call David Brackett directly at 503.789.2044, or email him personally at He welcomes everyone and would love to listen and communicate directly with you.

We Believe In Community

It’s no mistake that Linguava has a family-oriented atmosphere. Our linguists know that they are considered part of the team and their contributions are highly valued. Community isn’t a corporate slogan at Linguava. We love the people that we work with. We share life together. We gather socially and share stories and celebrations. You can imagine how interesting it is – bright, inspired people from all over the globe coming together to work together and learn from each other. This is simply how we do things at Linguava. Our linguists are at the very center of our business. We aim to build those relationships, both personally and professionally.



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