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Managing Your Translation Memories

  • At Linguava. Inc., we create Translation Memories of all of your translations (in each language).
  • We use Trados Studio for creating and maintaining translation memories, which is the premium TM system used throughout the world.
  • We extract the text and determine exact matches, repetitions, no matches, and fuzzy matches.
  • Linguava provides discounts based on the type of word segments that are found in each document.
  • We maintain a database of all your translations so you receive discounts on future projects for the previously translated words (in the same context).

Why is a Properly Managed Translation Memory Important?

  • TMs promote consistency — using the same exact terms that were used in the translations of your previous documents, where appropriate.
  • The more you translate similar words, the more the cost is reduced.

Translation Memory Terms and Discounts

Please contact us to learn more about the discounts you can receive utilizing our translation memory process.


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