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What does Diversity mean to me? By Linguava Staff

By October 30, 2020November 1st, 2022No Comments

Diversity is a word that gets used a lot in our society and can have a variety of meanings. At Linguava, we may be a diverse group since the very nature of interpreting and translating brings together hundreds of languages and cultures. However, diversity among a team goes beyond simply coming from different cultural backgrounds and speaking different languages. We asked each member of our Linguava DEI team what diversity meant to them. Here is what they shared:

a diverse group of people celebrating language access services

  • Juliet (Interpreter Relations Recruiting Supervisor) – “True diversity means seeking out, rather than just waiting for, diverse populations  to be part of our company and our lives. We look for the opportunity to recruit and retain those who bring a different perspective, those with different backgrounds and life experiences. I am fortunate that the nature of my job allows me to speak with people of different cultures and backgrounds daily.”


  • David (President/CEO) –  “When I think about cultural Diversity in the workplace, I see different people from various cultural backgrounds, genders, and belief systems coming together as a team. Diversity to me is not only a beautiful thing and the way our world was intended, it is the best thing for any team. Having diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, beliefs, and experiences only makes a team stronger.  When a team or company lacks cultural diversity, it reduces the opportunity to gain input from people who think differently and it fails to represent the diversity of the community at large.  I am proud that Linguava welcomes diversity and strives to always learn more about other cultures and listen to their perspectives. Diversity is not a destination but an everyday way to grow as a team and a community.”


  • Liana (DEI Team Member) – “Diversity is personal to me because I grew up living in a diverse household, being a biracial individual means I have two different cultures to celebrate. It’s an exciting time to be alive where we do have so many people who are of mixed descent, and to me it means the world is becoming an even more expansive place. Diversity is more than the racial/ethnic aspect…it’s also diversity in thoughts and beliefs that create a beautifully rich environment we get to enjoy. I’m so excited to be a part of our DEI group and celebrate the awesome diverse group of individuals we have at Linguava!”


  • Neil (Scheduling Department Manager) – “I strongly believe we are all made perfect in our own unique way.  Diversity to me brings all of our differences together so we can learn from each other, see things from a different perspective, and grow together as a team.  Diversity is such a beautiful thing when we take time to get to know each other, accept each other’s differences and unlock the power of diversity through oneness.  It opens up creativity, breaks down barriers, makes life rich, spices things up and brings meaning to our lives. It’s such a blessing to be a part of an amazing team here at Linguava that creates a space for us all to learn, grow and celebrate each other’s differences.”


  • Beth (Customer Service Specialist) – “Diversity has many meanings to me, but I think the most important is when we open our lives to understanding other’s backgrounds and experiences, we enrich both ourselves and the greater world around us.  I can only imagine what expansive and thoughtful lives we could all live if only each and every one of us took a moment in our day to appreciate what each individual brings to this world in their insight, knowledge, and experience.  I try to approach each day with a beginner’s mind, and to absorb a different perspective on the world around us.”

We believe that having diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, beliefs, and experiences only makes a team stronger. At Linguava, we celebrate our differences and are proud to grow together as a team and community. Want to learn more about the importance of DEI at Linguava? Watch our podcast with Linguava’s CEO, David Brackett and DEI expert and trainer, Lillian Tsai here.

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