We understand the critical importance of clear communication with your clients in their native language. Linguava provides quality and cost effective document translation with quick turn-around time in virtually any language. From large projects to registration and discharge instructions, we will translate your documents in any one of our many languages in a prompt manner to better enhance your business. At Linguava your satisfaction is a must. Each translation project we take is evaluated and assessed by our team to ensure that the final product will meet your needs and those of your client.

Services We Provide

Translation, Transcreation, Localization, Internationalization, Globalization, Proofreading, Editing and Desktop Publishing

Linguava document translators are trained in a variety of fields -

Legal Document Translations - From attorney letters to deposition documents Linguava Interpreters will guarantee that your limited English speaking clients will have the clear communication needed to understand their case or legal matter.

User Manuals - Linguava will provide a full translation in any format requested for manuals, client brochures and/or handbooks assuring that all your customers/clients will have full access to all your services and understanding of your policies and procedures.

Birth Certificates - This can be done on an individual one time basis for either your actual birth certificate or immigration documents. Each documents gets translated and then edited by two Linguava translators before returning it our clients.

Registration forms/ Discharge instructions - Make sure that your patients have a clear understanding of how to convey their medical history accurately to ensure that all your medical staff will have the most up to date information directly from the patients.

Business documents - Our highly skilled translators will expand business opportunities for your company by providing high quality translation of any business documents, reports and/or data that may be necessary for you to compete and excel within your industry.

Website Translations - Reach out to all your potential clients by providing the opportunity to comprehend your website or web advertisement in virtually any language. Create endless business opportunities for opening the world to your services.

We make sure that our translation services comply with the strictest quality standards regardless of the format. Our translators will go the extra mile to provide fast, affordable, top-quality language translation services.

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“Linguava has provided us with excellent service at a very reasonable price. The staff is friendly and the turnaround time for translation documents has been very quick. Our spanish-speaking population is now receiving our weekly newsletters and are kept up-to-date with the latest announcements. Thank you, Linguava!”

- Karen Wayt