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What does Equity mean to you? By Linguava Staff

By December 1, 2020November 1st, 2022No Comments

What does equity mean? Is it the same thing as equality or does it mean something more? In the context of a group of people, Merriam-Webster defines equity as justice according to natural law or right, or freedom from bias or favoritism.

Last month, our DEI team shared what the word diversity means to each of us. This month, we asked the Linguava staff what equity means to them. Here is what they shared:

a diverse group of men sitting down and talking about equity

“Equity in the workplace means that everyone has the same chance of advancement, everyone’s voice is heard equally and people are treated equally. It should also allow for people to be comfortable being who they are personally at work.” Jon Ferm

“To me, equity means that there are resources provided, and allowances and adjustments made, such that every person has a fair opportunity at achieving the same goal” Sarah Olson

“Equity means that there should be no discrimination based on an individual’s skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or physical handicap. It means fairness and justice.” Guillermo Ortiz-Marchena

We believe that having diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, beliefs, and experiences only makes a team stronger. At Linguava, we celebrate our differences and are proud to grow together as a team and community. Want to learn more about the importance of DEI at Linguava? Watch our podcast with Linguava’s CEO, David Brackett and DEI expert and trainer, Lillian Tsai here.

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